The Stone Store New Zealand | Product Information
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Product Information

 Our Story

We have been involved in the Stone Industry for over 20 years; work includes Residential Cladding, Commercial Developments, Subdivisions, Streetscapes, and Internal Features. Here at The Stone Store we have a solid understanding of our products and can help you make the right choice for your requirements.

Our Products

Our range of stone panels are simple to install. Individual pieces of real stone, joined together to create an easily installed panel that gives a professional finish. This can be achieved by the home handy person that will save you time and labour.

We also supply Schist stone in individual pieces to give a traditional stone finish. Pieces are cut to 25 – 35ml thick and are available in a range of colours. Please see our products page and contact us for further information. We have a wide range of stone and colour options available.

Please contact us if you cant find what you are looking for. We are happy to help you with your project.


Our products are easy to install by the home handy person due to the fact it is lightweight and is able to be stuck on using our specified system. Panel size is 600×150mm (thickness 15mm-35mm) natural ends and ‘L’ corners are available.

For larger scale projects the system we specify is code marked which is guaranteed by the New Zealand Building Code of Compliance. Therefore it is already Council approved.

For more technical information and installation queries please contact us Installation Services We can offer installation advice for your projects.


Installation Services

We can offer installation advice for your projects.